Gyandeep jkss National Excellence Awards , 2019, powered by Gyandeep Jankalyan shikshan sanstha has been instituted to encourage Excellence and are instituted to salute remarkable business leaders, entrepreneurs and individuals in the corporate sector healthcare sector, service providers and organizations for their continuing commitment to excellence, developing best practices and innovative strategies. 

The endeavour is to honour to the achievers, innovators and leaders from an array of sectors like Education, Corporate, Health Care, Hospitality, Architecture, Engineering, etc. 

The awards are conferred upon the "BEST OF THE BESTS" in recognition of their attainments of world class standard of excellence. The recipients of these awards are those stellar individuals and organizations whose epitomise strength, ingenuity, knowledge foresight and who derive the growth of business and service sector of India with vision & Inspiration. 

Gyandeep jkss National Excellence Awards , 2019, are the authoritative awards giving recognition to those who have made a difference and created an edge above peers. The AWARDS WILL BE BENCHMARK TO RECOGNIZE THE EXCELLENCE.

Ø      Registered under Societies ,Act 1860 –Minstry of Corporate Affairs (Govt. Of India).

Ø      ISO 9001:2015 Certified Orgnization.

Ø      Registered Under Trade Mark Registry Act, 1999,Clause 41.(Govt. Of India)

Ø      Registered under NGO work related to Ministry of Social justice.(Govt. Of India)

Ø      Member of All India IT Accessotion.(Govt of India)

Ø      Member of ALMA Foundantion.

Ø      Affliation- AIITA.

Ø      Affliation- ALMA Foundantion.

Ø      Affliation- Maharishi Dyanand Early Teacher Training and Education.

Ø      Affliation- Blitz Institute of Creative Arts (BICA).

Ø      Affliation- APNIE Group